the Universal Power Distribution Board

This distribution board supplies power to, potentially, 5 different formats over 4 possible power connectors. It features a 4-wire terminal block with screw terminals for positive, negative, five volt positive, and ground connections. The possible footprints are:, MOTM/Frac Rack, Modcan, and eurorack. In addition, the eurorack bus can support the Doepfer CV/gate bus on 3-position MTA-100 headers.

I will currently only ship from the shopping cart with connectors installed, the MOTM headers shown are an optional configuration. Other configurations, including blank PCBs for DIY use, are supplied upon request. Email inquiries to erwill_at_stgsoundlabs_dot_com.

This board should be mounted on 3/8" standoffs (not supplied). In addition, this device is not part of any commercially-available complete power solution and should only be purchased and used if you already have an established application for it. I cannot provide support for this product except to offer it and the associated power cables for sale. Voltages locations for the input terminal block are marked upon the board.

Keep in mind that eurorack modules expect 12 volt bipolar power rails and the other power formats represented on this board expect 15 volt bipolar rails. even upon request I will not mix connectors which expect different voltage levels. If you feel you know what you're doing, you may purchase a blank PCB and take full responsibility for the outcome of your actions yourself.

Price: $40

Current estimated lead time of 6 weeks